Equity, Sustainability and Resilience

Climate Equity


Carbon pollution and climate change impact disadvantaged communities most severely. Social inequities make it difficult for these communities to prepare for and respond to climate change and access the benefits of emission reduction strategies. Low-income households, people of color and medically sensitive populations are particularly vulnerable. Without focused resources to reduce current and future challenges, neighborhoods will decline as social equity gaps increase, leading to a need for ever-more urgent assistance from local governments.

Climate EquityAt Skeo, we believe proactive climate and energy equity policies can better prepare these vulnerable communities for future changes and build resilience into local and regional economies. To support this vision, we combine deep environmental justice expertise and facilitation with a solid understanding of cutting edge climate action practices to develop an equity framework and specific strategies tailored to each region. Our work includes equity analysis of climate plans and programs at the state and local levels, development of outreach and communications materials to support community engagement, and cumulative impacts analysis of fossil fuel and renewable energy facilities.

Climate mitigation and resiliency planning efforts benefit significantly from considering social equity issues up front. This often means using a ground-up approach to engage with communities from the outset. Our team approach helps communities navigate public outreach and relationship building, leading to lasting partnerships and meaningful change.

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