About Us

Transcending finite natural resources with unlimited human potential.

As part of our commitment to corporate sustainability, Skeo purchases carbon offsets from Terrapass to help reduce our carbon footprint.


We believe environmental stewardship and social equity are inseparable issues and the only path to a sustainable and prosperous future. The only way to transcend a world of finite natural resources is to engage, empower and unleash the unlimited potential within every person, organization, and community.

We work for agencies, organizations and social entrepreneurs that are deeply committed to building a smarter, more sustainable and more equitable future. Since 1996, Skeo has offered our clients an integrated approach to consulting, education and planning services that combines rigorous and targeted data and policy analysis with authentic stakeholder engagement. Our work does not just involve people. It empowers them.

With staff located across the United States, Skeo provides a geographic reach seldom found in a firm our size. Using state­-of­-the­-art information sharing and collaboration tools and an unequaled commitment to teamwork, we deliver innovative, just­-in­-time solutions for our clients.

Our dedicated staff represents a broad range of disciplines and skill sets. Our diversity and size allow us to be nimble, quickly forming project teams that are highly responsive to our clients’ needs while providing detailed, personalized customer service.

Our Team

At Skeo Solutions, remarkable people make the difference. Our employees are experienced and highly skilled, with an uncommon commitment to excellence, innovation and customer service on behalf of our clients.

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