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Capacity For Change


Many communities in need of reinvestment are seeking to overcome economic and social challenges from decades of disinvestment, the legacy of racial segregation, or other forms of discrimination and neglect. Broken relationships, ineffective partnerships, culture-based conflicts and limited access to resources often stymie efforts to foster positive change and create roadblocks to realizing a community’s vision for revitalization.

Capacity for ChangeAt Skeo, we believe that everyone has the capacity to change with the right tools and support. Our tools and facilitation services build trust and understanding, helping people move forward together to achieve their shared vision and create new capacities for positive change. We work closely with each community to understand local history, relationship dynamics and capacity-building needs.

Based on this information, we deliver a tailored set of services designed to open the door to new possibilities, including:

  • Coalition building and facilitation
  • Collaborative Problem Solving training
  • Building Cultural Competence training
  • Telling Your Story training
  • Study Circle process design and implementation
  • Community mentoring and organizational development tools

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