Technical Assistance Services for Communities


It is our core belief that people have the right to express their opinions about decisions that impact their lives and influence how those decisions are made. Local stakeholders, when authentically engaged and given plain language tools to better understand technical information, can provide valuable insights that lead to better decisions and safer and more effective environmental and economic outcomes.

We believe that well-done community engagement is not about public relations or community acceptance of regulatory or development decisions – it is about better decision making, stakeholder support, and dependable long-term environmental and economic stewardship. Our goal is to give local stakeholders the tools that they need to fully participate in the planning and decision making processes that affect their communities and their lives.

EPA’s Technical Assistance for Communities Program

Since 2007, EPA’s Technical Assistance Services for Communities (TASC) program has been making a vital difference in communities. The TASC program ensures that people have the resources they need to participate as informed partners in environmental discussions, problem solving and decision-making. The results include strengthened community capacities, enhanced environmental outcomes, and new partnership and job opportunities.

Skeo provides the staff expertise – independent scientists, engineers and community involvement professionals – compelling education and outreach materials, and comprehensive analyses that have made possible more than 160 innovative TASC projects nationwide.

Visit TASC’s home page online to learn more.

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