Equity, Sustainability and Resilience

Community Watersheds


Community and urban waters are the streams, lakes, rivers, bays and seas in our lives. They provide important habitat for species, sustain our fisheries, and enrich our communities, providing vital access to nature. Because these waters are such integral parts of our communities, they are also vulnerable to pollution from motor vehicles, stormwater runoff, trash, industrial discharges and wastewater.

At Skeo, we believe that meaningful, effective stewardship of our nation’s waterways relies on people coming together to learn, collaborate and innovate. Revitalizing community and urban waters is a critical part of revitalizing communities. We provide localities, communities, nonprofit organizations and state and federal partners with assessments, tools and frameworks for watershed protection and restoration. Our work is guided by principles of sustainability, social equity and meaningful community engagement.

Projects range from the site and neighborhood scale to regional approaches; we have helped communities work on growth challenges, water quality regulations, neighborhood revitalization and economic development goals, climate change, and environmental justice. Our combination of policy expertise and on-the-ground experience enables these projects to connect the priorities of government agencies with community needs.

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