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Kirby Webster

Senior Associate

Kirby’s professional focus and work interests include technical work, preparation of educational materials, community assistance and project management. She has worked nationwide on projects under the Technical Assistance Services for Communities contract for six years. She has made significant contributions to more than 25 Five-Year Reviews, evaluating the implementation and performance of remedies at Superfund sites to make sure they remain protective of public health and the environment.

Kirby is a scientist and skilled communicator with extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients and stakeholders. She excels at identifying client needs and delivering materials that satisfy or exceed expectations.


In empowering people to realize their potential and capabilities, in making sure that each person I interact with knows that I am listening and hearing them, and in bringing smiles to faces.


Trustworthy, imaginative, positive, well-organized, considerate, gardener, aspiring chef, outdoor enthusiast, supportive of my boys in their endeavors.


BS, Marine and Freshwater Biology
University of New Hampshire

Master of Biology
American University

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