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Kelly MacDonald


Kelly’s work focuses on environmental analysis. She works extensively with EPA’s Superfund Redevelopment Initiative and develops Five-Year Reviews of remedies at Superfund sites. In her year at Skeo, she has written nine reviews, reviewing documents, analyzing data and visiting sites to make sure remedies remain protective of public health and the environment. In addition, Kelly provides GIS mapping and analysis services for a variety of projects and communities. She also supports Skeo’s economic impacts work, collecting property value, tax, employment and revenue data for formerly contaminated sites now in reuse.


Everyone should be able to live in a healthy, safe and sustainable community. We all deserve clean air, water, and soil where we live, work and play. I care about ensuring an equitable and prosperous future for all while treading lightly on our precious planet.


Thoughtful, passionate, and a lover of dogs, nature and most importantly, music!


BA, Environmental Science and Global Development Studies
University of Virginia

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