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Environmental Justice and Equitable Reinvestment

Neighborhood Voices Shape Brownfield Revitalization – Geneva, New York


Built around manufacturing and industrial uses, Geneva’s North End neighborhoods face challenges of vacancy and disinvestment. In 2012, with funding from the New York Brownfield Opportunity Area grant program, the City of Geneva retained Skeo and its partners (ICA and Sustainable Strategies 2050) to conduct an areawide brownfields revitalization effort for the City’s North End.


Skeo connected with local businesses and residents through a series of focus groups. Based on these discussions, we tailored a process to integrate neighborhood needs, market considerations and physical conditions as part of a targeted revitalization plan. A detailed areawide analysis looked at land use, environmental and economic considerations for the 480-acre study area. Stakeholders provided feedback during working sessions and public meetings. We also developed a supplemental action plan focused on priority next steps and resource opportunities.


The North End Revitalization Framework offers a roadmap for capital improvements, neighborhood initiatives, recreational programming and site-specific redevelopment efforts. This neighborhood-based approach supports Geneva’s ongoing efforts to address brownfield property issues and integrate these properties as part of the City’s social and economic fabric. The project was recognized at the New Partners for Community Revitalization Summit for its synthesis of community goals and action-oriented revitalization strategy.

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