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Helping Navajo Nation Address a Legacy of Uranium Contamination


Widespread uranium mining at the Navajo Nation from 1944 to 1986 left a legacy of contamination. Under the federal Superfund program, EPA is working with the Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency (NNEPA) on uranium mine assessments and cleanups across Navajo Nation.

Several of these efforts are taking place in the Cove Chapter, a remote area in northeast Arizona. As cleanup moved forward, the community identified an urgent need to address public health concerns, provide clear summaries of sampling activities, and develop plans for reclaimed areas.


Funded by EPA, Skeo created a Cove Community Liaison position that provides a consistent local information resource for the community during the cleanup.



The Cove Community Liaison attends meetings at the Cove Chapter House, assists with EPA outreach efforts, manages the Cove Environmental Resource and Information Center, and is available to answer community members’ questions. The Liaison has created a strong, consistent connection between EPA and Cove Chapter residents and officials.

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