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Conducting Analysis to Determine Whether Cleanups Remain Protective of Human Health and the Environment


As Superfund sites are cleaned up and returned to use, EPA regularly reviews conditions to make sure remedies remain protective of public health and the environment. Skeo provides EPA with a full-service approach to these five-year reviews – visiting sites, interviewing stakeholders, and gathering and analyzing information. Part of the work involves taking into account any major changes in EPA guidance and risk analysis methods.

At the Northwest 58th Street Landfill in southern Florida, EPA’s revised approach to vapor intrusion meant that an earlier site evaluation was no longer up to date. EPA needed to make sure the site’s vapor intrusion exposure pathway would not pose a potential risk for people in the future.


Skeo worked with EPA on the five-year review for the Northwest 58th Street Landfill Superfund site. Our screening-level vapor intrusion risk analysis took a close look at the protectiveness of the remedy under a range of development scenarios. Skeo led all aspects of the review, evaluating institutional controls and considering all information that could affect the protectiveness of the remedy.



Skeo’s findings indicated that the predicted cumulative risk and hazard index for the vapor intrusion pathway were well below EPA’s risk management levels. Contaminant concentrations continue to decline. The comprehensive review led to EPA’s determination that the remedy for the landfill remains protective of public health and the environment.

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