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  • A local coalition plans for community revitalization...… Learn More »Northern Birmingham Revitalization Action Plan
  • A health framework for Superfund reuse assessments...… Learn More »Community Health and Wellness Framework
  • Realizing regional economic benefits of reuse...… Learn More »Regional Economic Impact Reports
  • Developing a shared vision for a park's future… Learn More »Chavis Park Community Conversation
  • Engaging community to prioritize street and watershed improvements… Learn More »Urban Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Process
  • Regional visioning, strategic planning and community leadership development… Learn More »Twin Counties Visioning and Strategic Plan Process
  • Report highlights environmental and public health outcomes… Learn More »2013 EPA Region 4 Superfund Annual Report: Sharing Program Accomplishments and Benefits
  • Creating equitable, healthy, and sustainable communities … Learn More »Creating Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities
  • Skeo Solutions presented a two-day workshop… Learn More »Equitable Brownfields Redevelopment Workshop
  • A step-by-step guide to petroleum brownfield redevelopment… Learn More »Equitable Brownfield Redevelopment Guidance for Tribal Communities
  • Identify options to transfer and redevelop the site… Learn More »Buckbee-Mears Co. Site Reuse
  • Building capacity for environmental justice… Learn More »Jacksonville Integrated Planning Project (JIPP)
  • Linking community goals with site reuse possibilities… Learn More »Reuse Framework for the Allied Chemical Superfund Site
  • Supporting Urban Waters Green Jobs program… Learn More »Partnership Building for Denver Urban Waters Green Jobs Pilot
  • Integrating the flow of water and people… Learn More »Bellemeade Walkable Watershed Pilot
  • Analyzing data and identifying opportunities… Learn More »Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Backlog Project
  • A collaborative revitalization framework … Learn More »Behr Dayton Reuse Framework
  • Understanding technical information needs… Learn More »Technical Assistance for Tucson International Airport Area
  • Communicating about safe gardening practices… Learn More »Reusing Potentially Contaminated Landscapes: Growing Gardens in Urban Soils


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