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Transcending finite natural resources with unlimited human potential.

Tiffany Reed


Tiffany works in job training, environmental justice and community engagement. She manages EPA’s Superfund Job Training Initiative (SuperJTI) and provides technical assistance to communities across the nation. In her work with SuperJTI, Tiffany has managed over 14 projects in 10 states and the Navajo Nation, and has helped provide training in environmental remediation and assistance with job placement for over 250 people. Tiffany also provides technical assistance for environmental justice communities through project planning for a range of community engagement activities such as workshops, listening sessions, meetings and summits.


In people having a voice in the decisions that affect their health, homes and livelihoods. When we take care of each other is when we thrive. All the small (and big!) things we do while working toward a sustainable life and future can really make a difference. Every little bit counts!


Outgoing, passionate, traveler, beach bum, reader, karaoke singer, food lover and mom to two crazy kids.


BA, Anthropology
Trinity College-Hartford

Master of Cultural Anthropology
Northern Illinois University

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