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Transcending finite natural resources with unlimited human potential.

Sarah Alfano


Sarah’s interests in social equity and work that supports community efforts focused on environmental protection and land revitalization are what brought her to Skeo in 2010. She works extensively with EPA’s Superfund Redevelopment Initiative and EPA’s Technical Assistance Services for Communities program. Much of Sarah’s work explores the safe and beneficial reuse and redevelopment of Superfund sites across the country. She manages projects that provide information to communities, federal, state and local government staff about the short- and long-term benefits made possible by the reuse of blighted properties.


What we do makes a difference. Each person has the power to impact another’s life and that power multiplies through collaboration. We must acknowledge, respect and learn from our differences.


Problem-solver, diligent, considerate, motivated, recreation enthusiast and African violet grower.


BA, Philosophy and History
University of Virginia

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