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Michael Hancox

Michael Hancox

President & CEO

Mike’s professional focus is designing organizations and processes that unleash and nurture human potential. He has more than 25 years of experience supporting the development of high performing individuals, teams and organizations.

Mike is an urban planner and skilled facilitator with extensive integrated planning and strategic engagement experience. He has worked with agency and community stakeholders, structuring and facilitating dialogues around a broad range of hazardous waste, land use, social equity and community revitalization issues in more than 50 communities across the United States. He is recognized for his leadership integrating technical analysis with stakeholder dialogue to develop innovative, implementable and sustainable solutions.


That the only thing you can ever really control is yourself (if that) and that your highest aspiration every day should be to be kind to everyone you meet – particularly those that need it the most. I believe that the future is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous and will be driven by the rapid adoption of radical innovations at the local level.


Loyal, driven, creative, empowering, thoughtful, gardener, aspiring vegan, avid reader, and super proud grandfather (gasp – when did that happen).


BA Political Economy

MA Urban and Environmental Planning
University of Virginia

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