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Transcending finite natural resources with unlimited human potential.

Lynette Vanderpool


Lynette’s work and professional interests are in environmental policy issues, sustainability, equity, and communication and outreach methods. Her skills include research, analysis, and digital and content marketing. She works closely with EPA’s Sitewide Ready for Anticipated Use performance measure, analyzing criteria Superfund sites must meet to achieve the measure. Lynette also applies her skills and knowledge to company development efforts, coordinating Skeo’s marketing strategy. She oversees a number of projects aimed at empowering people with the tools needed to solve our most pressing environmental and social problems. Lynette also manages and produces Infinite Earth Radio, Skeo’s podcast, which shares interviews with leaders working to build smarter, more sustainable and more equitable communities.


We are called to be responsible stewards of Earth’s resources, both globally and locally. I believe in front porches – that good neighbors make good communities. Community is essential to our livelihoods. We thrive when we engage, when we strive to truly know and be known.


Empathetic, loyal, introvert, nature lover, runner, pizza-eater, Chicago-native, Texan at heart, seeker of joy.


BA, Environmental Science and Spanish
Baylor University

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