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Lynette Vanderpool

Senior Associate

Lynette’s professional interests include environmental policy issues, sustainability, equity, and communication and outreach methods. Her skills include project management, research, analysis, and digital and content marketing. She works extensively with EPA’s Superfund Redevelopment Program (SRP), managing a wide range of bodies of work and projects that provide key information to communities, federal, state and local government staff, and other stakeholders about the reuse of once-contaminated properties. She provides support and expertise to EPA on performance measures that encourage the safe and appropriate use of properties, including EPA’s Sitewide Ready for Anticipated Use performance measure. Lynette also applies her skills and knowledge to company development and marketing efforts.


Empathetic, loyal, introvert, nature lover, runner, pizza-eater, Chicago-native, Texan at heart, seeker of joy.


BA, Environmental Science and Spanish
Baylor University

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