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Kristin Sprinkle


Kristin is a walking Superfund database – she has a working knowledge of hundreds of hazardous waste sites across the United States.

She is a strong proponent of the responsible cleanup of properties in ways that minimize impact to the environment, are fair to disadvantaged communities, and encourage sustainable futures that pair ecological reuse, renewable energy, agriculture and green infrastructure to economic opportunity.

Over the last 15 years she has provided substantive and consistent support to EPA’s Superfund program and the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative. She works closely with the Agency to design and implement processes that enhance communities’ participation in decisions that impact their lives, improve and streamline key statutory and policy requirements such as Five-Year Reviews, and develop performance measures that encourage the safe and appropriate use of properties.

Kristin has been a major driving force in Skeo becoming the diverse and dynamic organization it is today. She thrives on providing personalized, thoughtful care to clients that is cost-effective, creative and pragmatic. Kristin shares her expertise with coworkers and empowers junior staff to take on new challenges, ensuring that her clients have fast, reliable solutions.

She has a Master’s in Environmental Science with a focus on terrestrial ecology and global change and is avidly interested in leaving the world a better place for her children.


Hard-worker, home renovator, item re-purposer (don’t throw that away!), gardener, organ donation proponent, gamer, reader, hiker, walker, horse enthusiast, mom to a pair of bodacious twins.


BA, Environmental Science
University of Virginia

Master of Environmental Science
University of Virginia

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