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Kat West

Superfund Redevelopment Expert

Kat is an environmental attorney with over 15 years’ experience in contaminated property revitalization, environmental policy and program development. For 10 years, she served as a senior enforcement attorney at U.S. EPA. As the Land Revitalization Legal Coordinator for EPA’s Southeast Region, she helped create national policies and guidance for Superfund enforcement and site reuse. Kat co-created the extremely successful Prospective Purchaser Inquiry process that bridges the gaps between government, business and community interests to accelerate the revitalization of contaminated properties. Kat is uniquely skilled in facilitating discussion of liability protections, property encumbrances and reuse compatibility with current and future site conditions. Kat’s ability to find creative yet practical solutions to complex environmental problems is her superpower. Her boundless energy and passion for sustainable solutions drives her to work tirelessly in pursuit of her clients’ goals. Kat is recognized as a leader in her field, as an accomplished facilitator, collaborator and educator, and as a popular presenter at conferences.


Urban farmer, adventure traveler, sci fi geek extraordinaire, bad but determined ukelele player, and key lime pie enthusiast.


JD, Northwestern School of Law
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Certified

BS, University of Florida

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