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Claire Marcussen

Remedial and Risk Assessment Expert

Claire uses human health and ecological risk applications to evaluate the protectiveness of Superfund remedies. She also provides technical oversight at federal facilities in the Superfund remedial response process. Claire works extensively with EPA’s Superfund Redevelopment Initiative (SRI) and also provides technical support under EPA’s Technical Assistance Services for Communities program. In her SRI work, Claire serves as a technical lead on evaluating remedy protectiveness for sites across the country due to her tenure in the risk assessment field. She also provides training to colleagues and communities on the role of risk assessments at sites. She serves as a technical advisor and resource to EPA and Skeo project teams evaluating remedy performance and protectiveness at diverse Superfund sites. Claire also provides technical assistance to communities with environmental justice concerns, supporting public workshops that explain complex contamination issues in a transparent, plain-language format.


Helping people better understand complex environmental issues that may impact them. If an environmental problem is broken down into manageable pieces, it becomes a better platform for people express their concerns in ways that can lead to new ideas and solutions.


Energized, teacher, outgoing, fitness-oriented, and lover of cooking and eating.


BA, Zoology
Miami University of Ohio

Graduate work, Environmental Studies
Rutgers University

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