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Sarah Malpass

Senior Associate

Sarah is an Associate Planner at Skeo Solutions, where she has provided collaborative planning and design services for over seven years. Her primary focus areas include equitable reinvestment, area-wide brownfields revitalization, and Superfund site reuse for distressed communities. She has a special interest in supporting environmental justice communities seeking to build local capacity and address long-standing divides around race, class and the environment. She strives to implement equitable development solutions that provide a foundation for healthy, fulfilling community life. Her skills include community and regional planning, GIS mapping and analysis, stakeholder facilitation, and community engagement.

Sarah lives in a vibrant multi-ethnic neighborhood in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she volunteers with local teens, is constantly amused by the antics of her chickens, and learns a lot from her neighbors. She also serves on Charlottesville’s Community Development Block Grant Task Force, the board of Casa Alma (a Catholic Worker community), and the steering committee of the University and Community Action for Racial Equity (UCARE) project through the Institute for Environmental Negotiation at the University of Virginia.


That everyone has something important to say about the community where they live; that awe-inspiring beauty and wisdom can be found in people and places that have long been overlooked; that healing and transformation are always possible; and that we all become who we were meant to be when we live life together.


Soft-spoken, passionate, reflective, gardener and chicken care-taker, runner and a lover of stories of every kind (books, movies, tv shows, spoken word poetry, oral histories, historic places, and especially stories from the neighborhood grapevine!).


BA, Interdisciplinary Studies (Sociology and Urban Studies); Biblical Studies
Wheaton College

Master of Urban and Environmental Planning
University of Virginia

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