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Miranda Maupin

Director of Planning

Miranda’s professional interests include providing agencies and communities with tools and planning support to help realize visions for equitable, sustainable and resilient lives. As a Certified Planner (AICP), Miranda has over 20 years of experience in community planning, assessments and guidance development to find sustainable solutions for agencies, sites and neighborhoods facing multiple challenges. Miranda’s areas of focus include climate resiliency, environmental justice, sustainability, brownfields revitalization, green infrastructure, watershed planning and equitable development. During her time at Skeo, Miranda has developed guidance documents, led program assessments and supported hundreds of communities in collaborative stakeholder planning, creating action-focused paths that achieve priority goals.


In nurturing the vitality of people and our environment. I believe that magic happens when the right people converge in the right place at the right time, and that these small, collaborative innovations ripple out to create lasting change over time.


Spirited, systems thinker, dancer, yogi, hiker and mom of an amazing daughter.


BA, English Literature
University of California, Santa Barbara

Master of Landscape Architecture
University of Washington

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