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Joanne Scanlon

Technical Analyst and Editor

Joanne has a technical background and is experienced in providing technical assistance to communities, implementing equitable development strategies, and providing development support for a wide range of communication materials regarding environmental and human health issues.

Joanne’s experience in writing, editing and public speaking enables her to support communities by providing public outreach, workshop, training and capacity-building support. With her technical and research expertise, Joanne has also provided support to EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks through research and analysis of federal and state underground storage tank regulations, policy and programs.

During Joanne’s graduate research in the field of biophysics, she discovered her passion for education in the health sciences. Joanne uses her experience in education, her communication and research skills, and her technical and scientific knowledge to provide communities with information in an accessible format to help them to make informed decisions. Joanne believes it is vital to empower communities and assist them to address the issues of social justice, environmental and public health, and equitable development.


In doing my part to make the world a better, kinder place in which to live. Everybody deserves the best chance to thrive. There is much injustice in the world and we can each do our part in our local spheres to take a stand for a better future. It is vital to have a vision for a good, wholesome, sustainable future and to teach that to our children because what we imagine, we become.


Native Zimbabwean, golfer in a former life, creative, contemplative, wannabe gardener, lover of classic literature and physics, aspiring avid reader but mother of four.


BS, Physics
College of Charleston

Ph.D., Biophysics
University of Virginia

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