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Haley Gannon


Haley’s work focuses on GIS mapping, which includes data management, design of web applications and story maps in support of EPA’s Superfund Redevelopment Program (SRP), and mapping support for Skeo’s Five-Year Review and Community Planning teams. Haley’s economic and data analysis work looks at the beneficial effects of redevelopment at Superfund sites. She also helps develop strategic site reuse plans for communities and provides support to Skeo’s Graphics Team.

Haley’s background is in Geology. Her academic interests lie at the intersection of climate change, geomorphology and environmental justice.


As global climate change disproportionally impacts marginalized communities, it becomes increasingly apparent that social equity and environmental issues are inextricably entwined. We must all do what we can to mitigate these effects on whatever scale we are able to and hold those responsible for large-scale pollution accountable.



Exuberant, detail oriented, hard-working, compassionate

Hobby paleontologist, expert friend, podcast enthusiast, geoscience nerd, and Charlottesville Derby Dame


BA, Geology (Environmental Concentration)
The College of William & Mary

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