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Emily Topness

Intern Associate

Emily’s work and professional interests focus on EPA Superfund redevelopment research, GIS mapping and communication. As part of Skeo’s mapping team, she creates and migrates spatial data to assist geospatial analyses for EPA’s Superfund Redevelopment Initiative. Emily collects data about economic, recreational and ecological reuses at Superfund sites to support database updates and advocate for the beneficial effects of redevelopment at formerly contaminated lands.

As a geology and anthropology double major, Emily’s academic interests involve the interactions between people and their environment, past and present.


Communication, collaboration and kindness are key in protecting our planet and aiding the people most affected by climate change and pollution.


Enthusiastic, thoughtful, hard-working, Scottish history nerd, tour guide, aspiring triathlete


BS, Geology and Anthropology
The College of William & Mary, Class of 2022

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