Since 1980, the Superfund program has played a vital role in protecting human health and the environment across the United States.  In rural communities and cities, suburbs and industrial areas, the program responds rapidly to uncontrolled hazardous waste releases and cleans up the nation’s most contaminated lands.

Our Experience

Since 1999, Skeo Solutions has supported the efforts of EPA and communities across the United States to successfully clean up and reuse some of the nation’s worst hazardous waste sites.

  • We have supported the development of policies, tools and analysis that help enable the reuse of contaminated properties. We have supported the efforts of regional staff to implement remedies that are protective and support beneficial reuse and monitor remedies’ long-term protectiveness.
  • We have also had the privilege of helping local stakeholders understand the human health, environmental, regulatory and reuse issues associated with these sites, so that they can be more-informed participants in decisions that profoundly impact their lives.

Collectively, we have worked with EPA and local stakeholders at more than 200 Superfund sites in 35 states.


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