Technical Assistance for Tucson International Airport Area

EPA Region 9

Tucson, Arizona


The Tucson International Airport Area site has been on the National Priorities List for many years and has an active Community Advisory Group (CAG). In the past, the CAG has focused on understanding trichloroethylene (TCE), the primary contaminant of concern in the ground water. Although TCE concentrations were under control and remediation in place, enhanced analytical techniques introduced in 2008 detected a new contaminant of concern at the site: 1-4-dioxane. Since 1-4-dioxane is known to generate negative health effects, the CAG requested information assistance to learn more about this contaminant.


Funded by EPA’s Technical Assistance Services for Communities program, Skeo Solutions performed a needs assessment to understand the specific technical information the CAG wished to understand about 1-4-dioxane. Skeo Solutions then developed a plain language fact sheet in both English and Spanish summarizing general information about 1-4-dioxane, its emergence at the site, its health effects and its treatment methods. A Skeo Solutions’ Technical Assistance Specialist reviewed the fact sheet information with the community during an in-person presentation.


The fact sheet and presentation resulted in increased overall knowledge of 1-4-dioxane in the general community. Local residents can access agency documents that report concentrations of 1-4-dioxane with a greater understanding of the information. The community is better prepared to voice informed opinions about 1-4-dioxane cleanup approaches in the future.

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