Reuse Framework for the Allied Chemical Superfund Site

EPA Region 5 and the City of Ironton, Ohio

Ironton, OH


The cleanup of the Allied Chemical Superfund Site in Ironton, OH presents an opportunity to redevelop the site in ways that support commercial, industrial and recreational reuse.  Its location near key transportation infrastructure gives the Site high potential for supporting the local economy through job creation as well as meeting other community goals such as expanded public access and educational opportunities. The site also has near-term reuse potential in areas that are construction complete as well as long-term reuse potential on areas still under construction.


On September 22, 2011, Skeo Solutions facilitated a workshop hosted by EPA Region 5 and the City of Ironton to consider potential reuse strategies for the site. Participants included site owners and representatives from local business, adjacent properties, local educational and healthcare institutions, and local, state and federal government.

Participants identified several goals for the site, including the creation of local jobs, environmental education opportunities and leveraging regional economic development.  After investigating the site characteristics and remedial features, participants identified reuse considerations and opportunities for education, workforce development and site improvements that can position the Allied Chemical site for productive reuse.


Based on the ideas generated during the stakeholder meeting, Skeo Solutions developed a reuse framework for the site that identifies recommendations for seven distinct areas of the site.  This information will enable the City of Ironton to identify uses that are compatible with long-term remedial features and local land use goals. Through the workshop process, the City was also able to build relationships with local and regional stakeholders and identify opportunities for leveraging remedial work to support reuse.

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