Partnership Building for Denver Urban Waters Green Jobs Pilot

EPA Office of Water

Denver, Colorado


EPA started its Urban Waters Initiative to help communities—especially underserved communities—to access, improve and benefit from their urban waters and surrounding land. Historically, established watershed organizations have not always effectively engaged underserved urban communities in efforts to improve their own waterways. 



EPA designed this pilot project in Denver to demonstrate the feasibility of bringing together established watershed organizations (e.g., community-based environmental justice organizations, workforce and economic development organizations, etc.) that have not worked together previously to address water-related issues in an underserved urban community. In this pilot, the organizations are working together to provide a variety of training and job experiences to urban youth related to water quality. 



In addition to a cadre of urban waters stewards trained in the pilot years of the project, the establishment of the organizational partnership will allow the program to continue long after the pilot is over, ensuring that future urban waters stewards are trained year after year. The partnership will serve as a model for other underserved communities to engage citizens in improving their own waterways.

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