Behr Dayton Reuse Framework

EPA Region 5 and City of Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio

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Dayton’s McCook Field and Old North Dayton neighborhoods are characterized by declining industrial areas, population loss, increasing vacancy rates and a ground water contamination plume. Despite these challenges, the North Dayton neighborhoods have a strong cultural and industrial heritage. They are strategically located in close proximity to the city’s Downtown Business District, a burgeoning riverfront entertainment district, and the scenic Great Miami and Mad Rivers. Recognizing that Superfund stigma associated with the ground water plume could potentially contribute to further decline, Region 5’s Superfund Redevelopment Initiative sponsored Skeo Solutions to assist the City of Dayton and the local community in identifying revitalization measures to help overcome barriers to redevelopment.   


Skeo Solutions collaborated with EPA, the City of Dayton and representatives of the McCook Neighborhood to develop a revitalization framework based on the natural and cultural assets of the community. Strategies include promote and target industrial growth, protect existing neighborhoods, strengthen neighborhood center, and build a green network connecting the community to the Great Miami and Mad River recreational corridor. The framework includes an action plan outlining related initiatives and potential funding sources.


The City of Dayton now has a neighborhood revitalization strategy to help prioritize near-term action steps, leverage funding and coordinate community partners. City representatives are eager to maintain momentum by forming an implementation team of community partners. With continued coordination and perseverance, the revitalization plan provides a roadmap for implementing the following neighborhood goals:

  • Increase greenspace and improve streetscapes.
  • Strengthen local businesses and create local jobs.
  • Invest in housing stock and neighborhood amenities.
  • Redevelop vacant and underutilized properties.
  • Leverage institutional assets and investments.

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